Segmentation by subscribers activity

Segmentation by clicks and opens allows you to select subscribers into  a segment based on their reaction to your campaigns.

To add a condition:

  • Navigate to the required segment. Go to Conditions settings tab, press Choose a condition and select at least one field from block “Statistics”
    • Open rate,
    • Delivery rate,
    • Click-throughs.
  • Adjust the “Match/Not Match” as required.

If required, add:

    • The required campaign ID if needed to select subscribers into a segment based on the campaign activity;
    • Specific group of subscribers if required, you can select specific subscribers based on their previous activity;
    • Specific link if it is needed to select the subscribers who did not click or came through the link.
  • Save the filter settings.

Segmentation samples based on statistics

Some of the samples based on statistics and settings.

  • Sort out subscribers with undelivered campaigns.

Solution: select “Email Delivery”, Condition «Does not match», «all campaigns», «all lists».

  • Select subscribers who read previous communications.

Solution: select “Email Open”, condition “Match”, select previous communications from the drop-down list.

  • Select inactive subscribers who do not read emails and do not follow your links.

Solution:create a segment with three conditions:

  • User did not open an email, select a group for your campaign
  • User did not follow your link, select a group for your campaign
  • Emails delivered, all campaigns. The last condition is added to include into a segment only those who already received previous communications. Newer subscribers who have not clicked or opened your email are excluded from the segment

Select “AND” between the conditions: all the conditions are mandatory for including a subscriber into the desired segment.

  • Select subscribers who pressed Share button in your email.

Solution: choose Click-throughs, condition “Match”, all campaigns, paste your link into “Link” field.

  • Select subscribers who visited “Sales” section following a link from your campaign

Solution: Choose “Click-throughs”, condition “Match” select the required campaign from the drop down list, paste your link leading to sales section into the “Link” field.

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