How to combine groups

Lists and segments can be combined with “Presence in list” segment settings. You can also:

  • Combine several lists into a segment
  • Remove a list of subscribers from a segment
  • Add a list of subscribers to a segment

To add a condition:

  • Go to you required segment. From Condition Settings Tab select Choose Condition and choose Presence in List field
  • Adjust the “Match/Not Match” selection as required
  • Choose the required list of subscribers from the drop down list

How to combine two lists

Task: combine lists “clients from Nevskiy salon” and “clients from Ligovsky salon” into a single group for your campaign.

Solution: create a segment with two conditions:

Condition 1: presence in list - match -list “clients from Nevskiy salon”.

Condition 2: presence in list - match -list “clients from Ligovsky salon”.

Choose “OR” between the conditions. If the condition has “AND” a subscriber will be in the segment only if he/she is in both lists.

How to remove subscribers from a segment

Task: remove group “Parent of kids younger than 1 year” from “Parents” segment.

Solution: create a new condition is “Parents” segment: presence in the list - does not match “Parent of kids younger than 1 year”.

Choose “AND” between the conditions: both conditions are mandatory for matching the segment

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