Email open ratio

Email open ratio shows how many times subscribers opened your email.

Email open ratio depends on subscribers trust to the sender previous communications, subject and time of communications. 

Common and Unique open

The statistic has two open metrics: common and unique.

Common open — is how many times your emails was open, including the subsequent openings. Unique open is the number of subscribers who opened your emails at least once. If a subscriber opens your email it is counted as a single unique open.

Open counter

To count the openings, Sendsay places an invisible single pixel image which is downloaded when a subscriber opens your email. The system counts the download as email opening.

If your subscriber has images download option disabled, it will not be counted as email opening. However if your subscriber clicks a link in your email, it will be counted as opening.

How to get opening statistics

Click through statistics can be checked for:

– the current campaign,

– specific period,

– specific group of subscribers,

– specific subscriber.

Statistics can be viewed with detalization:

–by time - when your email was opened after it was delivered 

– by subscribers (subscribers who opened your email).

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