What subscribers are

Subscribers are people to whom you plan on sending emails and sms via Sendsay. They can be your clients, partners or employees, as well as the users of your website.

A technical term for a subscriber is an email address or a phone number. Two emails belonging to one person are two different subscribers.


Subscribers can be imported in 3 different ways:

  • Manual data import
  • Via subscription form integrated on your website
  • Automated data import (scheduled, via API or ftp)

What other data can be imported

Sendsay allows you to import any data you have about your subscribers: name, age, city, place of employment, date of birth, interests, promocodes, last purchase, etc. This data will let you create various segments and personalized emails.


Sendsay keeps and processes data, serving as a CRM.

How many subscribers can be imported to your account

The chosen tariff plan limits the number of subscibers that can be imported. Check out the limits on our web-site in Tariffs menu.

Free tariff plan allows to import 200 subscribers.

The total number of imported subscirbers is available in the Subscription/Tariff plan menu.

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