Importing data to Sendsay from file

One of the ways to transfer your data to Sendsay is to upload your contacts from a CSV, XLS, XLSX, TXT or ZIP file. You can also upload any extra information you have about your subscribers (name, sex, age, city, etc.).


Create a list. Your import file must include a column for email address, and can provide only one email for each subscriber. To import dates, use this format YYYYMMDD.

  • Navigate to the Subscribers page and choose a file you want to import.   

You can create a new list or upload subscribers to an already existing list. Click blue button Create a new list and enter a name for this list. The list is created empty. Next, follow these steps:

  • Choose a file to import, hold the mouse pointer over blue button Import from file and then click the second button Import from file. Select   the file and click Proceed.   
  • File   can contain columns for a basic information that includes subscribers email address, first name, and last name, etc. Each column in the   file should correspond to a field in your list.


More: Contacts menu


In the Field Matching section, make sure that the field name in the drop-down matches the field that you are importing. As an example, the system shows information for the first email in the list.

Example, |Your name |System form |Email


  • The   Column that contains emails always corresponds to the System Form,   field Email
  • Click   Ignore column to omit any fields from this import
  • To   create a new field in your form, choose New   Filed and   name it accordingly    

Additional import guidelines

  • Encoding:   select the encoding of your content if   the system failed to   correctly define your file encoding.  
  • Separator:   if the system failed to correctly define the separator and shows all   the columns as one, select the right one.
  • Header   Row:   disables display of your column names in the file.     
  •   Already   existing subscriber: by default, information about already existing   customer will be updated.

Options: ignore identical contacts (the system   will skip them) or report an error (they will be listed as errors ).   

  •   Subscriber   should opt-in: if you check this box, subscribers will be added   “inactive” so you could send them confirmation email later on. By   default, this box isn't checked.
  • Apply for Data Change event. Check this box if you want the current import to trigger an event..   

After all the settings are set, click Start import.

Checking the import

The import process will be shown on the current tab in real time and th Task log

After the import is done a report will be sent to the administrative email.

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