System segments: all active, subscription removed

Your account has four presets to segment your customers by technical data:

  • All active available for your campaign

This segment includes subscribers  with  “available  for campaign” status, those, who receive emails. This segment principal - to remove non-confirmed and unsubscribed users.

  • Users, who did not confirm subscription

This segment has subscribers who did not  come through the activation process. These subscribers have “unavailable for a campaign” status. They do not receive your emails until they are activated. After the activation process a subscriber is marked as “active”.

More: Non-confirmed subscribers | Subscribers Activation

  • With delivery errors

This segments contains subscribers who had at least one error while delivering an email. Though an error does not mean that a subscriber cannot receive email as errors may be temporary (for example: mailbox is full or server is currently unavailable). An error may be seen in subscriber's profile: Tab Information, Form System, Field Last Delivery Error.

  • Subscription removed (stop-list)

This segment contains unsubscribed users. Their emails are in the Stop-List, meaning they will no longer receive your emails. Unsubscription date can be seen in user's profile: Tab Information, Form System, Field Subscription Cancelled .

Note: Presets cannot be changed or removed

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