Unsubscribers statistics

From unsubscriber statistics you can  find out how many  subscribers refused from future emails and how they did it.

High unsubscribe ratio can indicate that your content is not interesting for your subscribers or they do not like the frequency of your campaigns .

The campaign report has one more parameter – Spam Complain Rate. These are the subscribers that marked your campaign as spam. The system views it as unsubscription, because the current email address is added into stop-list and does not receive your future emails.

Note: if you use your own unsubscribe link instead of a standard footer, the unsubscribers will not be shown in the current report.

How to get unsubscribers’ statistics 

Statistics can be shown for

– specific campaign,

– specific period,

– specific subscribers group,

– specific subscriber.

The report may show additional data for:

- unsubscribe method (standard footer or spam button).

– unsubscribers (you can check unsubscribers email addresses).

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