What if Name field is empty for some subscribers

If your database contains subscribers without  a name  you can set up  a more complex  personalization template  using  proscript  template editor  to create Dynamic content.
It allows you to use a neutral appeal if the Name field is empty, like «Friends!».
The correct usage is:
[% IF anketa.a222.q333 %]
Hello, [% anketa.a222.q333 %]!
[% ELSE %]
[% END %]
Where a222 — is a form code, q333 – field code for subscriber’s Name. Field code and field itself can be seen in Form section.
[% IF anketa.a222.q333 %] – an option, which checks if field a222.q333 is filled.
Operator [% anketa.a222.q333 %] takes subscriber’s name from the database.
[% ELSE %] – the option to be used, if all the other options (a222.q333) are empty.
[% END %] – finishes the command.
Check: ProScript syntaxis | Content personalization

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