Scheduled camapigns

A scheduled campaign is a campaign which has not been sent right away but is scheduled for a chosen date and time. When a scheduled date has come the emails are dispatched after that the campaign from scheduled goes into “Sent” (archive).

Campaigns expected to be dispatched are in the section campaigns schedule sorted by “scheduling”.
A scheduled campaign may be deleted or its date and time can be changed.
How to set up a scheduled campaign

To schedule a campaign for a specific date after it is prepared press send and choose option specific time . Then schedule date and time. After the button send is pressed a task will appear in task schedule. When the day comes the campaign will be sent automatically .

Change time of dispatch
To change the a dispatch time:

  • Find a campaign in the list of scheduled.
  • Press button change time to the right of the name of the campaign.
  • Adjust date and time in the calendar and then press apply.

Remove a scheduled campaign

To remove a scheduled campaign:

  • Choose a campaign from the list.
  • Press «...» on the right.
  • Click the button “Remove campaign” and then confirm the removal.

If I scheduled campaign is deleted it will not be dispatched to subscribers.
Note: if you accidentally deleted scheduled campaign you can reschedule it. All the prepared campaigns are stored in Campaigns-Drafts.
How to schedule a campaign without a specific time

If you do not know the dispatch time yet but it is prepared simply save it as a draft. When you know the date and time, you can send it right away from the draft.

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