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Getting started with Sendsay

Sendsay is a platform that helps you communicate with clients. Here you can send campaigns, store subscriber data and track statistics. There are five communication channels: email, SMS, web push notifications, Viber and VK. However, you can send emails and messages only to your subscribers.

Our platform is included in the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases. In accordance with the state policy of import substitution, Sendsay is a full-fledged analogue of foreign services.


Each subscriber has a profile with contacts, personal data, and email campaign reports. There are three ways to add subscribers:

  • manual import
  • signup forms
  • automatic import from your CRM via API

To store subscriber data, you must have consent from your clients. Your client database cannot not be purchased or scraped; it should be your own original database. Our system recognizes bad mailing lists and blocks them (or you will be asked to confirm that your entire database was collected by you).

Lists and segments

To send campaigns to different groups of recipients, you can create lists and segments of contacts:

  • in a list, you can add and delete members
  • in a segment, you can set up conditions for selecting members automatically

A contact can belong to any number of lists or none of them. Note that removing a contact from a list doesn’t delete it from your account.

Types of campaigns

There are four types of campaigns:

Regular campaign is sent to the list of recipients that is determined before delivery.

Recurring campaign is regularly sent to the audience at the specified time (e. g., weekly price list).

Transactional campaign consists of a single email sent to a subscriber after a certain action. The email usually contains personal information (e. g., a receipt or login and password).

Automated campaign consists of one or more emails sent to a subscriber when triggered by a specific condition, date or subscriber activity (for example, a welcome series).

You can also create an A/B testing campaign and send different versions of the email to compare how changes impact opens, clicks and conversion. There are two ways to use the results of the test:

  • choose the most effective variation and send it to the remaining audience,
  • find out what works best for your audience to plan future campaigns.

You can send campaigns only to those who agreed to receive your emails, otherwise it will be considered spam. Campaigns are automatically checked before delivery and may be transferred to human moderation.


You can also сonfigure integration with any other system via API instead of creating campaigns in the Sendsay interface. In this case you can choose what data to transfer and what tools to use.

Sendsay application for Windows

Sendsay has a desktop application with full functionality of the service to work in the Windows operating system - you can download and install it free of charge on your computer. Go to installation page — there you will also find the installation guide.

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