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How to activate bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is an extra feature for corporate customers with paid accounts. To activate it in your account please contact us via chat and then follow these three steps:

1. Sign a contract with Sendsay

If you already have the contract, you’ll have to sign an addendum.

2. Register the sender name

Mobile operators register an individual sender name for every account. For registration send us the following information:

The sender name. It must be in English, consist of 3 to 11 characters and affiliate with your brand. It can also contain numbers, underscore characters and periods, but cannot start with them.

Any document that proves the sender name is affiliated with your brand. For example, it can be a certificate of domain registration (if the sender name coincides with your domain) or trademark registration.

3. Deposit money to your account

There are no pricing plans for SMS campaigns. Monthly charges consist of:

  • campaign costs (charged after the campaign is completed)
  • monthly fee for the sender name (charged by mobile operators)

One SMS can consist of several messages if you exceed the following character limits:

  • up to 70 characters for one message in Russian
  • up to 160 characters for one message in English

It takes some time to enable the feature. We activate SMS campaigns on the first day of the month. To make sure your SMS campaign will be available next month, sign the contract and send us the necessary information for the sender name registration by the 15th day of the current month.