How to create an import file

Follow these guidelines:

  • You can import subscribers from a CSV, XLSX, XLS, TXT file
  • It should contain   emails or cell phone numbers (for sms mailing). Empty fields are   ignored
  • One email per row
  • If a subscriber   has two emails, add them to separate cells. The system will consider   them as two differen subscribers
  • In fields of   Multiple   choice type separate   options with a verticle line"|"


Pay attention to upper and lower cases. “Movies” and “movies” are two different fields.

You can also use codes instead of the field names.


  • To import dates use YYYYMMDD   format. Convert the date field to match this format


  • You don’t have to delete extra columns or the ones that you don’t want to import. Simply choose Ignore a column  
  • You also don’t have to delete duplicates. The system will remove duplicate emails
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