Segmentation by users data

Segmentation by users data allows you to segment subscribers based on their profile information. For example:  by location,  by age,  by registration date,  by birthday,  by domain name, etc.

To add a condition:

  • Navigate to the required segment. Choose Make a selection from Selection Settings and choose By Form Field.
  • From the drop-down menu  select the required form.
  • Select a condition when a user is included into the segment. Chosen conditions depend on the field format and may have the following values:
    • Field is filled/empty (for any type of field),
    • Row equals to/does not equal to/more/less (for “random values” type),
    • Row contains/does not contain/starts with/ends with (for “random values” type),
    • Number is equal/not equal to (for “integer” field),
    • Number is more/less (for “integer” field), 
    • Equals to a date/ Not equal to a date / After a date/ Before a date (for “Date” type),
    • Equals to current month/ day/ month and day/ year, month and date (for “Date” type),
    • Any of the selected/marked/not marked (for “one or several from the list” type).

Conditions equal to/not equal to, more / less, starts with/ends with indicate a parameter for Value field.

  • Save the filter settings.


When creating selection settings, check that the data is correct. For example, if a field “City” has “random value”, one and the same city may have different names: “Spb”, “Piter”, “S-Petersburg”, etc. “Row equals to Saint-Petersburg” will segment only those whose “city” field has exactly the same value. Subscribers with different value will not go into the list. Thus, include all the possible variants via “AND” operator.

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