Dispatch of subscription invitations

An invitation subscription is an informational email sent to subscribers to confirm their agreement to receive emails. A subscription invitation is a must for legal campaigns and is it part of Double opt-in process. Invitations can be sent only to people who left their emails to the company. For example, who registered with a web store or filled in a survey.
Invitations cannot be sent to parsed or bought emails.
How subscriptions differ from regular campaigns

Invitations are sent only to not confirmed subscribers. Active subscribers will not receive the invitation.
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Invitation contains a link for the subscription. If a user clicks the link his status will be changed to active in the system.
When invitations should be sent

Invitations are sent when:
– Double opt-in subscription. If clients left their email when they registered on the website or filled in a survey, their email cannot be used as it is not a subscription. They should be sent an email to confirm their agreement to receive company news.
– Update of previous subscribers database . If a database has not been used for a while it is recommended to offer subscribers to confirm their subscription to remove stale emails.
– Re-activation. Subscribers that did not open emails for a few months can be sen the invitations to re-subscribe.
– Activation of suspicious emails. Sendsay filter can mark the emails which it considers to be parsed from open data. Such emails can be activated only via invitations.
How to create an invitation email

The default look of an invitational email:
You received this email as “Company N” invites you to confirm the subscription forВ:
To confirm the subscription, please, follow the link.
If you wish not to receive future communications, you can opt-out.
Also you can add your email into the stop-list.
You can change the email look and text. The obligatory is a link for subscription confirmation.
A sample of confirmation link:
To confirm the subscription please follow the [% param.tag_a_confirm %]>link</a>.
Invitation dispatch

An invitation is sent only to unconfirmed subscribers. To add new subsribers with unconfirmed status, check “Subscriber must opt-in” box.
If you want to re-subscribe those who are already in the base and are available for campaigns, first you need to remove these subscribers with mass removal. Then add them again checking “Subscriber must opt-in” box.

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