How to create a segment for a Birthday Campaign

To create a new segment for a Birthday Campaign:

  • Create a new segment in Subscribers-Segments section.
  • Go to Adjust Settings, select “Choose a condition” and select “By form field.
  • Choose the form and the field with subscribers’ birthdays from the drop down menu. For example “Birthday” field.
  • Adjust the settings to: «Equals the current date and day».

Save the selection settings.


Choosing settings “equals to current date” is a mistake. Meaning the full match up to a year applies to the subscribers who registered today or subscribed, but not for a birthday campaign (birthday field does not equal to the current).

In order to add subscribers to a segment, Birthday date should have the correct format.

More: “Date and time” fields.

After the segment is created you can setup an automatic “Birthday” campaign.

More: “Birthday” campaign

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