Working with statistics

All the campaign reports can be found in Statistics section.
This section has two subsections: by campaigns and by triggers.
The current campaign  can be found  in campaigns section by clicking onthe campaign name.

  • To get the statistics for the campaigns for a certain period  indicate the period using the buttons  today yesterday week  or choose the required dates  from the calendar.
  • To get the statistics for a certain group of subscribers  click statistics by groups  and select the required group from the drop-down menu. You can also choose the period of campaigns from there.

Inside the statistics you can switch between reports:  delivery  open click through etc. All the chosen parameters like period, group, etc are saved.
Interactive graphics
Sendsay  reports are illustrated by graphics and diagrams.

  • By default, Graphics contain all the report parameters. You can turn off the parameters that you do not want to see. To turn off of a parameter click on its name below the graphics. The turned off parameters are grey in color.
  • Using a mouse you can select a graphic  for the detailed review. The switch back to the graphic  click reset zoom button on the right corner of the graphic.
  • To change the shown groups - choose an option from the drop down menu: by day/ hour / month/ year.
  • The graphic view may be changed for some reports.
  • Diagrams of Graphics can be saved as pictures( .png, .jpeg, .pdf) or printed out .  Each graphic has a specific button for this.

How to save reports
Each report can be saved as an Excel file. To get the statistics without leaving the current page  press the button «...» on the right corner of the report and choose a variant: export as xlsx or export as csv.
Note:  xlsx and csv – are the file formats for table data..Csv – is a text format, xlsx – is an Excel format Excel.
The file preparation progress is displayed in the Task-log .  When the file is ready,  the result section will have  a link for the report.

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