Import Results

An import report shows how many new subscribers were added, updated, skipped as duplicates, etc.

A standard report includes the following information:

  • How many new emails were added
  • How many   emails whose records were updated
  • Number of   emails that have no changes
  • How many   email were skipped as diplicates   
  • How   many emails were not imported (emails with syntax errors )   
  • How many emails need confirmation     
  • More. Unconfirmed emails


File with detailed description of errors will be available in Task log. We' ll also send a notification email with the attached file to the administrative email address.

Obvoius errors can be fixed and imported to the same list again as a new import or individually.

Example, →

Once import is completed, you can make sure that everything was imported correctly.

There are two ways to check it:

  • In   Subscriber Data profile → Data Tab choose the required form and the what data is recorded in the field of the form.
  • Via personalization: open the visual editor, insert the command and for the chosen email check if the data is correct.
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