Types of campaignsin Sendsay

In Sendsay you can use several types of campaigns.
Mass email campaigns:

– Regular campaigns (informational, news, promo)
Campains that are prepared manually and sent out to a group of subscribers. Usually they are used with making news (announcements of the events, sales invitation) or if the campaign is planned (monthly reports, company news, new blog articles, etc.)
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– A/b-tests (split-testing)
An a/b test allows you to test one of the email parameters and determine, for example, which email subject or picture in email works the best. Two test emails with minor changes are sent to two groups of subscribers and then the results for each group are compared.
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Automated communications:

– Scheduled communications
A repeated communication to a group of subscribers that is sent on a selected schedule, it's used when a campaign is automatically generated (account statement, loyalty program report, etc.) or when a subscribers group changes (congratilation on birthday).
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– Transaction emails (trigger-event communications, series of emails, email chains, autoresponders)
Emails that are sent to separate subscribers when a desired event is triggered (registration, purchase, a subscriber hasn't visited a website for a long time, added new item s to cart, etc.)
Series (chain) of emails — is a number of follow-up emails with defined interval.
Trigger-event communication is a series of actions and emails, which are sent when the desired events are triggered.
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Proprietary communications:

– Notification emails
Messages that are sent to non-confirmed subscribers: subscription confirmation, confirmation of data, etc.
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