Moderating the communications

To avoid the usage of Sendsay for spam, we introduced a moderation process. A campaign subjected to moderation will be executed after moderator“s approval.
On work-days moderation may take up to several hours, depending on the load. On weekends it takes longer.
Moderation is not executed at nights.

Reasons for moderation

  • First campaign
  • Your list of recepients contains many addresses, which look like scraped (for example, starting from info@...).
  • More than 3% opt-out ratio from previous campaigns.
  • Suspicious content.

Examination Result
A moderator examines the communication content. If his/her decision is positive, he/she will allow the campaign to be executed. If not — the communication will be cancelled. In the latter case you will receive a notification that your communication was declined by a moderator and you will also receive some advice on how to improve it.
The main reason for a campaign being rejected is a message content. If the moderator considers the email to be of «spammy-look», most probably your recepients will think alike.


  • Please, read the rules carefully in advance to avoid breaking them.
  • If this is your first campaign please plan accordingly, with the time for moderation.
  • If your campaign was subjected to moderation and you did not have your previous communication moderated, please, contact the support department for possible reasons.
  • Do not use one and the same content several times, use relevant and up-to-date information that will be useful for your subscribers.
  • Check the opt-out statistics and remove non-active users from the lists (the ones that do not open your emails).

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