How to add an image to your email

Using a block editor:

  • Choose or add a section where an image should be placed.
  • On the left panel choose the type of content “Image” Hold and drag it to the required email section.
  • Press Upload image button and choose the required image from your PC.
  • If you want an image to be a click-link to your web-site, press the button add\change link on the tools panel and add the required link. A link should be complete. For example:

Using HTML-code:
If you see empty fields instead of images, the code has image links missing. To correct this:

  • Upload images for the template  using Campaigns-Files.
  • In the file list press «...» at the end of the line with an image name and choose Copy File Link.The link is copied to the clipboard.
  • Return to editor tab. Click where the picture should be placed. A code for the image will be highlighted. Change the picture name for the correct link from your clipboard..

For example:
Before: <img src="logo.jpg" alt="" >
After: <img src="" alt="">
If you did everything correctly an image will be shown in the right field.

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