Being listed as Spam

When we say a campaign is being marked as spam, we mean one of the two options:

  • The recipient found an email in «Spambox» of his or her email.(email was delivered).
  • The recipient did not receive an email because an email service provider refused accepting it (email was not delivered).

Email was delivered to «Spambox»

Email service provider spam-filter considered an email as suspicious but still let it through. Suspicious emails are delivered into «Spambox» An email is considered to be delivered and delivery error is not recorded.
Analyzing an email content
А spam-filter analyzes the content, personal user settings and his previous reaction on the sender's previous communications: if during a campaign some users mark it as spam the other users may not get it or get it into «spambox», based on complaints amount.
Email service provide refused to accept an email
Spam-filter did not let a message to come through, viewing it as a spam-message. If a private email server marked your email as spam, nothing to worry about: this is the way private settings work. If your message was not delivered to a popular email service provider to a large group of subscribers (for example, or yandex it makes up to a half of the list). You will have to find the reasons and make the adjustments. Often, the reason for being block is breaking the rules of complaint campaigns.
How to avoid being listed as spam

To avoid being blacklisted by email service providers, comply with the rules:

  • Do not buy email database. Do not exchange lists with your partner companies.

A sudden spike in email amount will cause suspicions from email service providers, also, people who will get emails from an unknown sender will opt-out and mark you email as spam.

  • Use Double Opt-In

Do not email without the owner's email confirmation. If you are not sure in his/her subscription, send him/her a confirmation email. If a company adds to a list emails of all people who registered with their web-site, the number of unsatisfied subscribers will exceed the limits and your campaign may be blocked.

  • Set-up SPF and DKIM for your domain

Digital signature indicates that an email came from a trusted sender, Sendsay email have DKIM set-up, but you can set-up your own DKIM to start building your own sender's trust.

  • Send your communications from a known sender.

Do not change sender's name without prior warning, If a subscriber cannot identify the message he/she will opt-out or mark it as spam.

  • Track your campaign's performance

Track your delivery and open rate, opt-outs marks as spam. If you see a decline in open rate or an increased opt-out: change content or strategy, reduce campaigns frequency. If you see delivery problems, check domains delivery ratio and check for errors.
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