Where to store images for your campaigns

If you want to use images for your campaign, an image should be uploaded on the internet  and should be  freely seen by anyone . When a subscriber opens an email his email service provider downloads images from where they are stored. You can use any file storage service which allows you to get a direct link to the file.
Sendsay  has its own  picture storage: Files.
To upload an image:

  • Open Campaigns-Files in a new tab.
  • Create a new folder in files browser: mouse over the blue button “+” and press Create Folder. Choose your folder name.
  • After the folder is created go into it and press Upload Files. Choose an image from your PC. To upload several files at once  press Shift while choosing.

If you are creating a campaign using a Block editor  you can upload pictures directly  into the  editor. Pictures will be automatically saved  in “Files” section”.

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