How to add a subscriber's name

You can use the special command  to add  a subscriber's name to an email during your campaign.
To personally appeal to a subscriber:
Using a block editor:

  • Select the required text book. Click where the subscriber's name should be used.
  • Using a block tool   press personalization button and choose User Data.
  • Choose the field form with subscribers names. For example: “Clients” form, “Client name” field.

A field name which will be replaced by subscribers name is used.
Using HTML editor:

Use a special command [% anketa.a222.q333 %], where subscribers name should be shown, where 222 — form code, 333 – field code.
A command can be taken from Subscribers-Field section.  Each field has a command to be used with HTML editor.
Note: If a subscriber has some fields empty, the personalization spot will be empty too. Use a template editor to use alternative solutions for such subscribers.
More: what if name field is empty for some subscribers
How to check the personalization

To check the personalization  use  the required function to view the subscriber’s data.
For the preview - use the Desktop Button above the editor. Choose “view the email for the current subscriber” tool from the left settings panel and choose the required email for the subscriber you want to check the personalization for. If the command is used correctly the subscriber's name will be shown.
More: Campaign Personalization

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