Content personalization

Personalized or dynamic content are different content blocks within a single email where the system shows to subscribers the content depending on their data. For example, different blocks can be shown for men and women, for different types of customers, or clients from different cities, etc. Personalized content can help make each email unique for the customer and make the content relevant.
Examples of dynamic content usage

  • Relevant offers can be shown to subscribers from different cities.
  • Depending on previous orders there can be different discounts (10% discount for 1 order, 20% for two, 3 and more - 30%).
  • Clients with a free account may be shown a block with paid services description.
  • Depending on the subscriber choose the relevant groups as recommended.
  • Different photos can be shown for men's and women's clothing.

How to set up a personalized content in a block editor

In a block editor you can set up which subscribers will be shown each email section and set up several options for different subscribers.
To personalize a section

  • Highlight a section that you want to personalize. In the top left corner you will see a text “ Who sees this section? All subscribers..
  • On the left panel press the button “Personalization” and choose when the section should be shown. To do this, select the required field and value. For example, if you want a specific section to be shown for women only choose the field male or female and select female.
  • If the recipient does not possess the value or the value is different he or she will not see this section.
  • To set up an alternative section for men press the button and section value and set up when the section should be shown.
  • To add a neutral section variant for the subscribers when you do not know if they are male or female press the button add a specific variant for the subscribers who's field is not indicated or contains other values.

Preview the personalized content

To check on the previous personalization variants, go to preview pressing the button “desktop” above the editor. On the left panel choose “preview all the possible personalization options” and choose the options to show.
Content personalization using ProScript templates

If you set up a campaign without Sendsay block editor you will need special commands to show one or the other block of content.
Content options are filled with the help of ProScript and they are built using HTML code of an email where the required block should be shown.
ProScript has a special syntaxes
More: ProScript syntaxes

Schematically template commands can be used as:
If А
Show this text
If B
Show this text
Show this text
For example:
Task: add an extra ad only for clients from st. Petersburg.
[% IF == "spb" %]
End of sentence
[% END %]
In an example: - field, which contains subscribers city.
"spb" - value.

Other possible usage of ProScript: If a subscriber does not have a name field filled in

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