Rules for complaint campaigns

Complaint campaigns are the campaigns with preliminary recipient approval. The opposite to compliant campaigns is spam.
To protect their users from spam email providers (, yandex, gmail etc) develop complex spam filters, which determine if a communication may be delivered into inbox. If a spam filter suspects a sender in spam email provider can block all his future сфьзфшпты.
To retain your sender’s reputation and avoid being blocked you must follow the complaint rules.
Main rules:

  • A campaign is considered complaint if it is sent with preliminary users approval.
  • The approval should be clear. Check box marked by default “agreed to receive future communications” is not considered as clear approval.
  • The double opt-in is a must. This is a way when a user confirms the subscription following the link from email.
  • An email must have an option to opt out easily without prior authorization, registration, password recovery.
  • An email should contain company name, address, phone number, and the reason for email communication.

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Sendsay supports anti-spam policy of email services. To avoid being used to send spam we developed and anti-spam agreement and introduced campaigns moderation..
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